Skill Development FAQ


Basketball is a fun kids activity that benefits your child’s development, all WSWBA basketball programs contribute to every child’s physical, social and educational development.

Below are the top questions about training programs, we receive from parents.

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How do you register for WSWBA Skills Development Programs?

The first step is to ensure you are registered with BNSW. This ensures you are insured for any injuries that may occur at trainings or during competition at WSWBA for 12 months. For full details of what you are covered for please click this link.

My child has never played basketball before, what class should he join?

Our Aussie Hoops Programs is the best place to start your child’s basketball education.

Our mission is to help your child develop key fundamental skills and life skills in a FUN and safe environment. Basketball is a fun indoor activity for kids to build coordination, gross motor skills, communication, social skills and more.

What age do I need to be to attend the Aussie Hoops Program?

The suitable age group for this program is 5 – 11 years old.

What do I wear and bring to Beginner Basketball?

Participants should be dressed in shorts and wear runners or basketball shoes and a water bottle is a good idea too. If you are in a team you will need to have your playing team top.

My child has played basketball before, and has had some training, what class should he join?

If your child has a few years of training and is currently playing local competition, and is looking to improve his skillset, then our Youth Development and Youth Accelerate Programs are the place for them.

What age do I need to be to attend the Youth & Accelerate Development Program?

The criteria for these classes are usually based on ability and maturity levels rather than age, and is recommended for players 9-16 years old. We recommend that players have 2-3 years playing experience, have a basic understanding of basketball and a basic fundamental skillset. A quick skills checklist would be: If they are able to dribble the ball full court while changing directions, perform a cross-over or between the legs dribble,  perform a lay-up and understands basic shooting form then they are possibly ready for the Youth Development programs.

How do I pay?

Registrations are completed on our website on line. We encourage children and families that are keen to begin playing basketball to attend. You are also more than welcome to invite other friends down too.