Gala Days are a great opportunity for students with a variety of skills and abilities to compete in a fun atmosphere. WSWBA is currently offering to host inter-school Gala Days where local schools can come together to participate and enjoy basketball.

3 x 3 Basketball is the fastest growing urban sport in the world right now. It’s fun, action packed and offers a great experience for all participants.

Our Gala Days are open to students in years 3 to 6 and is the perfect opportunity to experience basketball through a modified Small Sided Games format. 3 X 3 games allow players to enjoy the game without the pressures of a 5 X 5 full court competition game. 3 X 3 improves a youth players long-term development and is a fun, exciting fast paced game that everyone can enjoy.

These Gala Days are designed to be an introduction to basketball, with a focus on fundamentals, with skilled based activities and small sided games, without the pressure of competition. WSWBA encourages schools to use this day as an introduction to basketball for students, prior to participation in 3 X 3 competition. Contact WSWBA on 1300 855 679 to find out how your school can participate.