Sporting Schools


The West Sydney Wolves is your new state sanctioned Basketball Association with access to grants and funding to promote the sport of basketball at the grass roots level across our 5 local government areas.


Sporting Schools is a government led initiative that provides funds to schools to have state recognised sports training programs conducted as part of each school’s sport program. We come into your school and provide a basketball program on a weekly basis to your students.

The West Sydney Wolves will assist you with all tasks to make the application process as simple as possible.

Another program which is available to all students is the “Active Kids” rebate program that allows for a yearly voucher of up to $100 for every family to spend on sporting programs that are conducted outside of the main school curriculum.

We can help you improve your youth athletes by running programs at your school, within and outside of school hours and parents can register their children in these programs by assigning their child’s voucher to the assigned program. This will allows your students to become healthier whilst becoming better athletes at the same time.